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The first shot!


Brazil Daterra “Sweet Collection” (26)

New on our small Anfim Best espresso from the week grinder: The Brazil Daterra Sweet collection.


Brazil is a very big coffee country, they export like a stunning 46.7 million bags per year and by this it is the biggest coffee producing country in the world. So that counts for something. This bean comes from the Cerrado region in Brazil. Where a lot of varientals are grown. Below you see a map where this region is located.

Some flavour keywords are: Sweet, Apple, Chocolate and Ballance

From the Has Bean website:

This is the sweet yellow bourbon from the Daterra farm is a pulped natural processed yellow bourbon from the already famous farm. In the cup (partially the espresso cup) expect sweetness and green apple and a dark chocolate tinge. A great balance in a great coffee.

So come and see what is in the cup!

Italian Roast!! Espresso van de week (25)

A general Italian roast can be described as: Somewhat spicy; complexity is traded for heavier body/mouth-feel, aromas and flavours of roast become clearly evident. This is what should be in the cup when drinking a blend that is roasted to the Italian roast stage. These stages in roasted coffee come with a particular colour. Below I will give you a hint what is coffee roasting:

When roasting coffee, we start with the green beans and heat them up to the right temperature to have a good balance between the flavours of the beans and the characteristics of the roasting process. This goes from a very light roast (= low temperature) to a dark roast (=high temperature) until we end up with an almost burned bean, if you go any further you will have the ingredient for cafe del fuego. Kids, grab your marshmallows!. All this is done in a coffee roaster. Here you see the Probatino from Probat. (Thanks to the Coffee Collective Blog) This coffee roaster works with a drum where the beans circulate and are heated to the right temperature. (And when this temperature is reached they are immediately cooled in a tray in front of the drum.)


This end temperature gives some different grades of  roasted coffee; from the left: unroasted (or “green”), light, cinnamon, medium, high, city, full city, Italian, and French.


A very good overview of the different roasting grades can be found on the Sweet Maria’s website, here you find an overview of the different stages of roasting with the different colours that go with it.

But most important enjoy what is in the cup..

Espresso from the week.. (19)

After Finishing the Square Mile blend we have currently a single origin Ethiopian on the grinder.


The Yirgacheffe, this coffee is extremely clean, has a high acidity and a strong but fruity taste.. This intense feeling coffee has a very distinctive floral bouquet, rich body, a pleasingly fragrant aroma, with a smooth mellowness that’s unique unto itself.

Gwilym Davies is World Barista Champion 2009

3333395257_0e43c1149b_bYes yes! Gwilym Davies is World Barista champion 2009. Representing the United Kingdom he gave a fantastic show using a square mile coffee blend. More information soon, but you can already check an article on the jimseven blog about the UK finals where he is featured.

Jens (Trough the live feed of the WBC)

Photo credits:  jimseven blog

New Faema shower screen

Yesterday they delivered the new shower screens so I have a double pair to clean out, it seems to be a new design we a little less headspace for the coffee puck so I’ll probably have to lower the dose on the single shot bucket. At the left the new one, and at the right the old one


The exact hight of the new and the old screen from the grouphead are measured by the following method:


old: 15,00 mm; new: 13,60 mm

So we loose 1,4 mm of headspace, this means that we crush the puck before the pre-infusion. And it gives some strange channelling of water on the sides some times.


Maybe this is due to the crushing or something, but this we will need to find out! I will keep you posted.

Mobile espresso service

Found this in a magazine called Labels. A guy in Copenhagen who serves great espresso’s to the people in the streets in Copenhagen with a mobile espresso bar, installed on a bicycle. A very interesting concept to get more people interested in good coffee. The guy named Ole is running his business on the streets and on special occasions on which he is booked. Below you can find some pictures made by [Zakkaliciousness]’s which I have captured from Flickr.


The espresso machine is heated with gas, and the shots are pulled manual. However I have no idea how the grinder and the boiler refilling could work.


Why is this not yet comming up in Antwerp? Maybe a next project to see if it is feasable to start.. If anyone nows how this could work, please let me know.


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