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New espresso blend v2.1

From this week on we are using a new espresso blend composed out of three great beans. This blend is roasted by Caffenation and is blended in our house! This blend is nice as espresso and on filter and performs excellent in all milk based drinks. All beans are also sold separately..


Bert Van Wassenhove: Belgian cupping champion! What a hilarious show!


Nice show Bert in The San Marco village in Aartselaar. You did a fantastic job at the SCAE Belgium championships! (image by Anneleen Van Giel)

Espresso from the week.. (19)

After Finishing the Square Mile blend we have currently a single origin Ethiopian on the grinder.


The Yirgacheffe, this coffee is extremely clean, has a high acidity and a strong but fruity taste.. This intense feeling coffee has a very distinctive floral bouquet, rich body, a pleasingly fragrant aroma, with a smooth mellowness that’s unique unto itself.

Progress of latte art.. With milk and some etching on a smoothie



New Faema shower screen

Yesterday they delivered the new shower screens so I have a double pair to clean out, it seems to be a new design we a little less headspace for the coffee puck so I’ll probably have to lower the dose on the single shot bucket. At the left the new one, and at the right the old one


The exact hight of the new and the old screen from the grouphead are measured by the following method:


old: 15,00 mm; new: 13,60 mm

So we loose 1,4 mm of headspace, this means that we crush the puck before the pre-infusion. And it gives some strange channelling of water on the sides some times.


Maybe this is due to the crushing or something, but this we will need to find out! I will keep you posted.

Mobile espresso service

Found this in a magazine called Labels. A guy in Copenhagen who serves great espresso’s to the people in the streets in Copenhagen with a mobile espresso bar, installed on a bicycle. A very interesting concept to get more people interested in good coffee. The guy named Ole is running his business on the streets and on special occasions on which he is booked. Below you can find some pictures made by [Zakkaliciousness]’s which I have captured from Flickr.


The espresso machine is heated with gas, and the shots are pulled manual. However I have no idea how the grinder and the boiler refilling could work.


Why is this not yet comming up in Antwerp? Maybe a next project to see if it is feasable to start.. If anyone nows how this could work, please let me know.

Coffee quotes

“Life is just one cup of coffee after another, and don’t look for anything else.”

– said to be Bertrand Russell’s last words


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