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Aeropress of the week: 1936

This is a blend from Knopes Coffee Roasters in Luxembourg. And is composted out of Brazil (Pocos de Caldas), Guatemala (El Bosque) and Papua New Genui (Sigri). Flavours that are present: red fruits, citrus, spicy herbs. Very clean and nice in the cup!

More info about the Aeropress and where you can get it: see our new page on the blog.


Scrambled eggs and Panama Don Pachi coffee as breakfast

This morning I had a fabulous breakfast, specially suited for a barista. First we steamed up the eggs with our La Marzocco.

After that we pressed a great coffee from Panama (Don Pachi with is a Gheisa variental, roasted by Stumptown coffee roasters, thanks to Isa) on the Aeropress.

Happy New Year!!

Thanks a lot to everybody who helped us to make this year fantastic for us at Barchoq. We look forward to sharing many more exceptional coffee moments with you in 2010. Happy New Year!!

Portaflon portafilters.. They rock baby!

Yeah baby, finally they are in the shop. (Now already for a couple of months)  The teflon coated portafilters from “Portaflon“. Thanks a lot Jens for sending them over!


Picture from this link

This new portafilters will give us more consistency during the day, and consistency is what we need baby for making a top espresso.. And indeed after testing them thoroughly for some months, I can only say: they rock baby! The next project will be a mod of our Anfim grinder, with timers, so we can work quicker and with even more consistency..

Aeropress from the week: New in the shop!

Hello all, we are back with some news from the bar. This week I have finished a new blackboard in the shop, where we will promote every week a new kind of coffee on the Aeropress. The Aeropress is a fantastic new tool to brew your coffee, ideal for brewing your coffee when I’m closed.

For this week we will offer you a fantastic Kenian coffee with the name “Kirigu”. It is a really extraordinary coffee, I brew it with 20gr of coffee and fill the Aeropress up until the mark of 4 with water of 80°C. And this using the normal Aeropress technique. This gives a cup that is very clean with a very sweet, buttery mouth feel and a fantastic after-taste. But most special about this coffee is the temperature trajectory, when cooling down there is a point when the coffee almost explodes and gives free a lot of floral aromas with notes jasmin and pear.

Stephen Leighton from Has Bean has made a great “In My Mug” video post about it.

Hoerai hoerai! Back open next monday..


Dear all, I’m proud to announce you that the shop will be back open next Monday 26 October. Please feel free to say hallo and enjoy with some coffee, it will be a pleasure to have you..


Bert Van Wassenhove: Belgian cupping champion! What a hilarious show!


Nice show Bert in The San Marco village in Aartselaar. You did a fantastic job at the SCAE Belgium championships! (image by Anneleen Van Giel)


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