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Scrambled eggs and Panama Don Pachi coffee as breakfast

This morning I had a fabulous breakfast, specially suited for a barista. First we steamed up the eggs with our La Marzocco.

After that we pressed a great coffee from Panama (Don Pachi with is a Gheisa variental, roasted by Stumptown coffee roasters, thanks to Isa) on the Aeropress.


Aeropress from the week: New in the shop!

Hello all, we are back with some news from the bar. This week I have finished a new blackboard in the shop, where we will promote every week a new kind of coffee on the Aeropress. The Aeropress is a fantastic new tool to brew your coffee, ideal for brewing your coffee when I’m closed.

For this week we will offer you a fantastic Kenian coffee with the name “Kirigu”. It is a really extraordinary coffee, I brew it with 20gr of coffee and fill the Aeropress up until the mark of 4 with water of 80°C. And this using the normal Aeropress technique. This gives a cup that is very clean with a very sweet, buttery mouth feel and a fantastic after-taste. But most special about this coffee is the temperature trajectory, when cooling down there is a point when the coffee almost explodes and gives free a lot of floral aromas with notes jasmin and pear.

Stephen Leighton from Has Bean has made a great “In My Mug” video post about it.

Tamper Tantrum.. Fun fun fun!

Stephen Leighton from Has Bean Coffee in Ireland, who has a video blog for a while now (called In My Mug) where he discusses various bits out of the coffee world and the 2009 barista champion of Ireland Colin Harmon have joined their forces in a video blog where they discus some issues of the coffee culture like the Cup of Excellence, brewing techniques, new toys (the uber boiler), farms and coffee lots of which they’re particularly proud. A cool format for coffee lovers who want to be up to date about what’s currently going on in coffee land..

The video blog is called Tamper Tantrum. It’s like a long player movie, where two guys are having some fun!

If you have some time.. And a true lover of coffee..

Monty Python – Whizzo Chocolate Company

Bonbons en pralines: hoe het niet moet.

Creme Egg – Newtons Cradle

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Creme Egg – Foot Pump

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