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Pimp style! New La Marzocco Linea 3 group in the shop..

Yes yes! After looking around for a while for an upgrade for the Faema Smart I was able to do a good deal for a second hand (but as good as new)  La Marzocco Linea. This machine can be called a historical classic, it definitely helped to establish the independent coffee scene throughout the world.


This machine will put us a on level higher of quality due to the dual boiler system which gives us more temperature consistency, even when pulling some glasses of tea. And at the same time keeping up a constant steaming pressure, so steaming up pitchers will be easier.

One of the options for the machine we will have installed are Portaflon portafilters, this will give a much more constant flavour profile of the shots throughout the day. This Portaflon portafilters prevent the build-up of coffee oils in the portafilter which steadily occurs in a normal brass one. These build-up gives a rancid and bitter taste to your shot, and that is something we don’t like.

Also due to a dual boiler system the group heads will no longer be running too hot, with again a lot of build-up of coffee oils. So overall flavour consistency will improve vastly.

Normal the machine will be in town on Thursday or so feel welcome to come and take a look at this beauty.. For more specifications you can download here the product folder of the Linea.

Hell Yeah!


New sitting place at the front..


Always welcome to check them out on a sunny day! Or to use them if you are waiting on your bus or tram..

Farthing bum!


Hell Yeah! A new latte art form, the farthing bum..

Funky legs..


At first sight an incredible tatoo.. But yes it where panties! However still a great show of.

The new summer menu..

Hello all,

The new summer menu is available at Barchoq from this day on. There will we a lot of new things, and we hope you like them..

Some previews in fast forward:

  • 2 new caps: The striped cap and the white boy. (pictures below)


  • 3 new coolers for the hot summer days: Virgin, Lime-lemon cooler, Explosion, Coconut-Cinnamon cooler.
  • Some new hot chocolates with as show of the Milky Wilky. (picture below)


  • 1 new milkshake: The la Bamba; with cocos and chocolate.
  • 1 new iced coffee with caramel, white cream and Maltezer crunch topping: Lambada.

Feel free to check them out at our place at Minderbroedersrui 64.

The Bar choq set-up..

The basis and core of our set-up is an Anfim Super Caimano grinder with titanium burs diameter 75mm and a engine power of HP 0,60 – 800 Revs/min, this is a version without the on demand grinding option, so a lot of dosing to do for each shot. But it gives you a lot of freedom to control the running time of the shot.


When working with this grinder I found some problems with the grounds clogging up in the exit channel, so I figured out some DIY solution, and I came up with this. Which is working great. Momentarily its in in cardboard but I will make it out in metal.


As Espresso machine we are working with a Faema Smart A with to group heads. This machine has a boiler of 11l and  is a heat exchanger system. This machines offers a great quality to price ratio, but I’m not a die hard fan of these machines due to the temperature surfing you have to do and the low steaming power. This steaming power and temperature is also affected by the hot water you extract from it. If I pull like to or tree cups of hot water for tea, the steaming pressure drops immediately and the temperature also which gives a problem for the consistency of the shots. So I’m definitely going to check out the dual boiler systems, like that on a La Marzocco if this machine needs replacement.


We overdose our shots a little higher than normal. We use 21gr for a double basket and 16gr for a single shot basket. These 16 gr is more than the half of the 21gr, but we need it to have the same extraction times. In a post ago I was telling you about the difference in head space with the new shower screens, that made the shots running not so well. This is now fixed with some good old do it your own method, just hammering the shower screen a little bit lower.

For cappuccino’s and latte’s we use a full fat milk from Campina that is branded over here as Stabilac. It has a 3,6gr of fat per 100 ml. This gives a much sweeter result when the milk is steamed and combined with the shot of espresso.

This is basicly the setup, after a wile I will maybe add an extra grinder to it, to have an espresso from the week.

I keep you posted when there is some chance made..

Progress of latte art.. With milk and some etching on a smoothie




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