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The first shot!


New portafilters in the shop!

Finally they arrived! The new fully coated portafilters, done by Coffeehit in London. Thanks a lot guys..

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Domien our coffee guy in New York!

Thanks a lot Domien for the wonderfull Leftist Espresso Blend and the Amaro Gayo from Gimme Coffee. For next week we have some great coffees from the London area, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Monmouth Coffee Company and Climpson&Sons. However more about this next week!

Mona Lisa with coffee!

Scrambled eggs and Panama Don Pachi coffee as breakfast

This morning I had a fabulous breakfast, specially suited for a barista. First we steamed up the eggs with our La Marzocco.

After that we pressed a great coffee from Panama (Don Pachi with is a Gheisa variental, roasted by Stumptown coffee roasters, thanks to Isa) on the Aeropress.

Happy New Year!!

Thanks a lot to everybody who helped us to make this year fantastic for us at Barchoq. We look forward to sharing many more exceptional coffee moments with you in 2010. Happy New Year!!

Kleine groene zak!


A nice alludation of Roeland on the roast of the week!


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