Anfim grinder with Delta CTA timer

We have a mod on our big Anfim grinder. On the WBC we have seen the use of timers to dispense each time the same volume of ground in the basket, this to have the same extraction time each time. However they used only one timer. For our mod we will use 6 timer in parallel to be able to make a:

  • Normal single shot espresso
  • Normal double shot espresso
  • Radicale
  • A short single shot  espresso
  • A short double shot espresso
  • A triple shot ristretto

This will be quit some fun to set all the different timers, but when running they will run like hell! In search for timers we opted for the Delta CTA timers.


These timers make it able to time the grinding time up to 1/100 of a second, this should be more than accurate enough!

After setting up and running the timers for one month now, I can only say that it is a big improvement in both speed and consistency trough out the day. The biggest parameter that still has an influence now is the strength by which you tamp the coffee puck. So that is still something to work on..


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