Monsooned Malabar.. (27)

New on our espresso from the week is from this moment on, a Monsooned Malabar from India roasted to a Full City Plus level, which gives an oily appearance to the bean. And gives it a drinking experience close to the Italian Roast we had a few weeks ago..


Map from Sweet Maria’s (Thanks guys)

From Wikipedia we get the following: Monsooned Malabar is a particularly famous variety of the Arabica coffee bean that is produced in Malabar in Karnataka, Southern India, and partially spoilt through exposure to damp atmosphere during the monsoon season, giving rise to the name. It has a very rich, smooth flavour, and particularly strong aroma.

This way of producing the coffee was discovered by accident when a cargo of coffee beans aboard a wooden-hulled ship acquired a unique flavour after being somewhat exposed to the elements during a particular monsoon while negotiating the Cape of Good Hope. Exposed to the monsoon winds for a few weeks the coffee flavours become richer and smoother. Nowadays the process is somewhat different. Now it is done by storing the coffee at the coast taking on the salty sea breeze over a 6 month period. This dehydrates the coffee beans, creating the traditional profile.

This aroma can be further discribed as full bodied, very low acidity with a spicy, musky, woody flavour.

Come and see what is in the cup!


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