Brazil Daterra “Sweet Collection” (26)

New on our small Anfim Best espresso from the week grinder: The Brazil Daterra Sweet collection.


Brazil is a very big coffee country, they export like a stunning 46.7 million bags per year and by this it is the biggest coffee producing country in the world. So that counts for something. This bean comes from the Cerrado region in Brazil. Where a lot of varientals are grown. Below you see a map where this region is located.

Some flavour keywords are: Sweet, Apple, Chocolate and Ballance

From the Has Bean website:

This is the sweet yellow bourbon from the Daterra farm is a pulped natural processed yellow bourbon from the already famous farm. In the cup (partially the espresso cup) expect sweetness and green apple and a dark chocolate tinge. A great balance in a great coffee.

So come and see what is in the cup!


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