The birth of a new Anfim grinder..

Our Anfim Super Caimano gave birth to a small son. The Anfim Best.

This grinder will be used for the espresso from the week. This week we serve the Spring Espresso from Square Mile Roasters in London. This is for like 80% the blend that is used on the WBC finals in Atlanta. Below I give you an excerpt from the Square mile site.

This is our current seasonal espresso blend. Currently the blend is composed of 2 different lots of coffee from 2 different origins. It is a very sweet and clean espresso blend with notes of lack cherry, toasted nuts, treacle and chocolate with a soft, buttery texture. Excellent in milk with notes of caramel, chocolate and a jammy finish.

The blend is very simple – composed of two coffees.

Spring Espresso Recipe

We’re delighted with this blend, so sweet and juicy yet at the same time so creamy and slightly nutty.

Come and see what is in the cup!


2 Responses to “The birth of a new Anfim grinder..”

  1. 1 acupofisa mei 5, 2009 om 9:43 pm

    ok. nu moest ik al dringend ies langskomen voor het nieuwe zomermenu… maar nu sta ik al helemaal te popelen! hou je de espresso nog even? (kvrees dat ik er deze week niet geraak; hopelijk volgende…)

  2. 2 de mama mei 7, 2009 om 10:41 am

    de mama zal ook nog eens haar best moeten doen om dit alles te chekken en te proeven
    see you
    de mama

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