The new summer menu..

Hello all,

The new summer menu is available at Barchoq from this day on. There will we a lot of new things, and we hope you like them..

Some previews in fast forward:

  • 2 new caps: The striped cap and the white boy. (pictures below)


  • 3 new coolers for the hot summer days: Virgin, Lime-lemon cooler, Explosion, Coconut-Cinnamon cooler.
  • Some new hot chocolates with as show of the Milky Wilky. (picture below)


  • 1 new milkshake: The la Bamba; with cocos and chocolate.
  • 1 new iced coffee with caramel, white cream and Maltezer crunch topping: Lambada.

Feel free to check them out at our place at Minderbroedersrui 64.


2 Responses to “The new summer menu..”

  1. 2 acupofisa april 26, 2009 om 9:38 pm

    oooooh my! i need to get my a$$ out to antwerp soooooooon 🙂

    ziet er echt super uit Jens. Leuk gepresenteerd en waarschijnlijk ook zalig lekker. moest ik er niet meer geraken deze week: geniet van london!

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