Mobile espresso service

Found this in a magazine called Labels. A guy in Copenhagen who serves great espresso’s to the people in the streets in Copenhagen with a mobile espresso bar, installed on a bicycle. A very interesting concept to get more people interested in good coffee. The guy named Ole is running his business on the streets and on special occasions on which he is booked. Below you can find some pictures made by [Zakkaliciousness]’s which I have captured from Flickr.


The espresso machine is heated with gas, and the shots are pulled manual. However I have no idea how the grinder and the boiler refilling could work.


Why is this not yet comming up in Antwerp? Maybe a next project to see if it is feasable to start.. If anyone nows how this could work, please let me know.


2 Responses to “Mobile espresso service”

  1. 1 rob januari 28, 2009 om 8:06 pm

    Deze man maakt mobiele espressobars. Eventueel ook op een bakfiets.

    Ik ben altijd bereid te helpen met opstart. Levering bonen en eventueel equipment.
    ps : oh ja, die mobiele Barista stond alle dagen voor de ingang op het WK te Kopenhagen vorig jaar, maar heb er spijtig genoeg geen espresso van gedronken. Zag er anders wel cool uit.

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